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Thank you to the following volunteers who have contributed to the completion of a GBAS smile restoration between November 1, 2022, and October 31, 2023. 

Note: In order to be recognized, case completion paperwork needs to be submitted to the GBAS office. If you have completed a case during this timeframe but aren't listed, please contact us. 


Sravan Kumar Abbaraju

Jonathan J. Bechtel, DDS

Aristides Contos, DDS

Jason Lee Downey, DDS

Meredith Gantos, DDS

Geoffrey M. Gaunt, DMD

Rod W. Gore, DDS, AAACD

Jeffery W. Hadley, DDS, FAGD

Tara L. Haid, DDS

Jamielynn M. Hanam-Jahr, DDS

Christopher Hatae, DDS

Jay C. Hazen, DDS

Carson W. Henley, DDS

Stephen Hoard, IV, DDS

Robert M. Klaich, DMD

Shawn Knorr, DDS

Allison Lesko, DDS

Angela M. Lueck, DDS

Bridget Mackey, DDS

Rita M. Medwid, DDS

Elisa M. Mello, DDS

Douglas S. Milner, DDS, AAACD

Hedieh Pournik

John G. Reddick, DDS, AAACD

William J. Rowe, Jr., DDS, AAACD

Bradley C. Rule, DDS

Steven Jay Schneider, DDS

Palak Shah

Wendy E. Shorr, DDS

Kevin Sivaneri, DDS

Olga Stepanchenko

John K. Sullivan, DDS, AAACD

Katie To, DDS

Richard S. Weiser, DDS


Acrylic Works Dental Lab

Experience Dental

Frontier Dental Lab



Intelligent Touch Dental

M32 Oral Design Studio

Maroney Dental Lab

Master Dental Prosthetics

Minnesota Dental Lab

Brian Paris

Payne Dental Lab

Precision Dental Designs

Buddy Shaffer

T. Panei Dental Lab

Vereen Dental Technology

Wiand Dental Lab


Align Technology Inc

Elizabeth Chybowski, DDS

Jeremiah Johnson

Young Jun

Andrew Kramer

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