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Bruises and scars fade, but broken teeth cannot repair themselves. The Give Back a Smile program is the only nationwide program restoring damaged teeth for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Please join us in helping to restore smiles and lives. Volunteer participation is vital to the Give Back a Smile program's success and can be a gratifying experience as you share your resources and talents with a survivor in need.

*Give Back a Smile provides services within the United States and in limited areas of Canada.

Volunteer Dentists

Participating dentists donate their time and talents to restore or replace damaged teeth for Give Back a Smile patients.


Learn more about who GBAS volunteers are.

Volunteer Dentist Guidelines

Volunteer Dentist FAQ's

Team work

Volunteer Laboratories

Laboratories can help restore lives by donating laboratory work necessary to restore smiles. 

Volunteer Laboratory Guidelines

Trauma-Informed Care

Give Back a Smile values the importance of trauma-informed care. Please click to view a short video on how to implement trauma-informed approach in your office. 

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