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Lynnette's Story 


Lynnette’s whole life changed on May 30, 2016. She should have been celebrating her 3rd wedding anniversary but instead, she was living a nightmare. That night her husband was out getting high while she was asleep in bed. When he came back home, he went into Lynnette’s room and started beating her in the head with a hammer. He raped Lynnette and then he tied up her 13-year-old daughter in the basement and raped her. Luckily, her daughter was able to escape and go to the neighbor’s house. Lynnette was in a coma. She had surgery to replace part of her skull and suffered a traumatic brain injury. After being in the hospital for over a month she was transferred to a rehab center. She got connected with a counselor and doctor to help with the emotional trauma she went through and her mental health issues. Her counselor helped her find the Give Back a Smile program and together they filled out an application. She qualified for Give Back a Smile and was matched with Dr. Michael Weiss, in November 2018. She describes her experience with Dr. Weiss as excellent. He helped completely restore her beautiful smile and helped build her confidence back up.

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