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Once we receive your application you will receive a confirmation email. After we confirm we have received your application we will not respond to any update requests as this takes time away from reviewing the applications. You will be mailed a letter within 30-60 days informing you of the status of your application.


Your application is considered Unsatisfactory if it is incomplete or we cannot confirm the information provided. If this is the case, we will mail the application back and highlight the portion(s) that need to be redone.


If your application is initially approved we will start looking for a dentist in your area. This can take some time as we will check with all our volunteers in the area to increase the chances of finding an available dentist for you.


If the provided information on your application does not fit the eligibility criteria of our program we will send you a letter informing you of this. Ineligible applicants cannot reapply.


If there is an available dentist in your area you will receive a form to confirm that you are able to travel the distance to the dentist's office.

Available Dentist

If there is no dentist available in your area you will receive a letter to inform you that we cannot provide you services at this time.

No Available Dentist

Once we receive the completed form we will send you the volunteer dentist's information within 2 weeks. You must call the office within 30 days to schedule a consultation.


At your consultation appointment your dentist will confirm that your dental needs fit the program's criteria and that they are able to donate the services that you need. Treatment is not guaranteed.


If the dentist determines your dental needs are in the scope of the program, you will review treatment options. The dentist is donating the treatment and has the final say on the plan.

Treatment Plan

If the dentist determines that your dental needs are beyond the scope of the program your application will be considered ineligible. Ineligible applicants cannot reapply.


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